How Khabriya Community Guidelines affects ?

Anyone who wish to use Khabriya ( https://khabriya.in and apps) needs to follow the some community guidelines to make Khabriya a safer place for sharing and viewing content.
If we find your content doesn’t follow our Community Guidelines, you’ll receive a warning (for the first violation). The next time your content is found to violate our policies you’ll receive a Community Guidelines strike. After the warning:
  • Another violation means you will be banned to use Khabriya and you won't be able to post anything - videos, live streams, stories, custom thumbnails and posts for 14 days.
  • If you still violates the Khabriya Community Guidelines you account can be terminated for lifetime.

What kind of content not allowed on Khabriya ?

Content like pornography that’s meant to be sexually gratifying, violence, threat to nation or any kind of content that is harmful for society and nation is not allowed on Khabriya.